ComboNation B-Boying Tournament &Youngest B-Boy of India

Want to know who is the Youngest B-Boy of India? Do you know what is  & Street Art and B-Boying Tournament ComboNation?. Let’s find out.

On April 26, 27 and 28, The 11th international annual B-Boying and street art tournament Combo Nation will be held in Kazan, Russia. Combo Nation means the combination of the Nations of Breaking/B-Boying. Its happen every year and every time there are lots of entertainment. First, let’s find out categories n this event.

Categories in Tournament.


With so many categories this amazing B-Boying & Street Art Tournament Combo Nation Festival will continuously run for 3 Days. In other words it will be a three days breaking blast.

This is the first time someone from India is participating in this fantastic festival. The very exciting fact is that he is a little boy who is only 10 year’s old who is representing our country.

Youngest B-Boy of India - B-Boying Tournament COMBONationB-Boy Deepak Who is 10 years of old and one of youngest and Best B-Boy of New Delhi, India and also a Youngest Crew member of Dance Mafia Crew (DMC). He got the opportunity to represent his Country and Crew in Russia’s Biggest and Dopest Breaking Event Street Art and B-Boying Tournament Combo Nation 11th Edition. Which is world famous for its Power move and Tricks Battle.

B-Boy Deepak is currently sponsored and signed artist from Mumbai’s Company called Qyuki Digital Media Private Limited. This company however runs the Projekt Dharaavi in Mumbai slum area. Therefore All of the travelling expenses for battle will be covered by Qyuki Company.

B-Boy Deepak will get down in baby Boy Pro Category in Russia which is for 10 or below years old kids. This Category is Specially for kids who have less experience of breaking. B-Boy Deepak will be going to Russia with Dance Mafia’s Crew Member BBoy Show-Rez and BGirl Sumku who will also Get down in Powermove and BGirl Battle.


The flow of the B-Boying Tournament ComboNation Event.

In Baby Boy Pro Category many participation are invited. There will be only Top 8 Participants. The Youngest B-Boy of India, B-Boy Deepak will have to play three Battles to Youngest B-Boy of India - B-Boying Tournament COMBONationwin this Category. It will be 2 rounds of Knock out Battle. In Quarterfinal round two participants will have to give 30 to 40 sec of rounds two times one by one. Three Judges will be sitting in front of them. After that finishing their rounds judges will point out their hands to the winner and then the winner will go to the Semi-Final round and then to the Finals.

Winner of this battle will be rewarded with Memento and in addition of some Merchandise and a lot more accessories.

Street Art B-Boying Tournament Combo Nation is organized by one of the Respected B-Boy Of Russia’s. B-Boy who’s is a part of Action Man Crew Russia, Kazan and Original People, Russia.

◆ BABY B-BOY PRO 1×1 in B-Boying Tournament Combo Nation

TOP 8 Baby BBoy are –

CHIZH (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

JOKER (Leninsk-Kuznetsky, Russia)

SHOCK (Khvalynsk, Russia)

DEEPAK (Delhi, India)

ELASTIC (Leninsk-Kuznetsky, Russia)

POWER JET (Moscow, Russia)

LION STAR (Izhevsk, Russia)

MALISH NIK (Izhevsk, Russia)

JUDGES in B-Boying Tournament Combo Nation





In conclusion its a battle that have everything covered. It is not wrong to say that it is very much similar to Red bull BC One events but also have many varieties than them. Hope you guys will cheer B-boy Deepak at this fantastic Breaking Festival.

Event Date and Place:-

►27 April 2019 / Kazan, Russia

in addition we would like to mention our newest crew member of B-girl Shivani. She also a rising star to dance mafia crew. Shivani is a very first B-girl of Delhi who qualified Red bull BC one B-girl India Cypher 2019.

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