St+art India WIP Jam Co-Hosted by – Dance Mafia Crew

S+art India WIP Jam Co-Hosted by Dance Mafia Crew
India’s one of the biggest street art festival S+art India WIP Jam Co-Hosted by Dance Mafia Crew.

Street Art India is The India’s well known Street Art Festival working since 2014. Street art India Hosted this event with Dance Mafia Crew. The event name was S+art India WIP Jam and it performed on 28th, February, 2016.

W.I.P is standing for Work in Progress. The event was hosted by St+art India and Co-hosted by Dance Mafia Crew in New Delhi. The jam was huge success for Dance Mafia Crew and many B-Boys, poppers and Beat-boxers came to be the part of the W.I.P Jam. More Than 200 of the artist came to participate in the battles.

Event Took Place in Okhla, Container Depot. The place itself was giving an amazing look. Many Graffiti writers painted 100th of Containers and give resurrect the junk. It was very first experience for Delhi people with something like that. After that magnificent event dance mafia crew has done many Advertisement shoot in form of Cyphers and Flash Mobs.

The Highlights of the S+art India WIP Jam Co-Hosted by Dance Mafia Crew.

Dance Mafia and Street Art team setup all things like DJ. floor and sitting arrangement. Then after they did prepared  the crowd registration desk and B-Boys and B-Girls started registering themselves for the battle. In the entrance there was a guy sitting with the laptop who was collecting the contact info of all participants.

After competed the registration process all B-Boys and B-Girls sat for the battle and visitor was roaming around to view the mesmerizing painted container and as soon as B-Boy stated to warm-up and practicing their moves crowd stated to gather around the B-Boys and real entertainment begin. Then MC (master of ceremony)  Sushanto Gharai and Shorez Karki start to announce the showcase round of the participants.

The Guest emcees MC Eucalips + Delhi Sultanate increased the heat on the floor with their presence.

Battles of S+art India WIP Jam Highlights

Showcase : It was like a selection/qualifying round :

First battle for solo breaking where two judges Bboy Nishant & Bboy Speedy from Projekt Street Dance Crew (PSD Crew) has to judge 40 participants. they had to shortlist 16 B-boys out of 40 B-Boys to commence further.

After compete each other and only 8 B-Boys went to quarter final which were

  • From Dance Mafia Crew B-Boy Twistmonk and B-Boy DDD (3d)
  • From Tandav Crew B-Boy Jack and B-Boy Roar
  • B-Boy Makkhan (Solo)
  • From Tribes Collision squad B-Boy Jim
  • From Techno Kamaal Crew B-Boy Nabeel and B-Boy Smoak

Final Battle were held between B-Boy Nabeel and B-Boy 3D and B-Boy Nabeel won the battle by the score of 3-2.

After solo battles then crew battles started

There were more than 16 crew participated and that was a knock out battle. In this knock out battle 8 crew went to the Quarter final. The 8 crew that qualified were

  • 8 Hindus
  • Dance Mafia Crew 
  • Techno Kamaal Crew
  • Techno Supreme
  • Indian crew
  • Slumgod Crew
  • Tandav crew
  • Celestial Dragon Crew

then only 4 crew went to semi final which was

Then in final battle held between Dance Mafia Crew and Techno Kamaal Crew, then the winner was Techno Kamaal Crew by 2-3 score.

After crew battles started then 2 on 2 popping battles started.

In this point 30 pairs took part and only 8 couples were selected. they were judged by He-man and Sumit a.k.a Foot Boog. Unfortunately name got misplaced. but the winner in that battles was also Techno Kamaal Crew.

Beat Box showcase held during the break time. beat box showcases took place and we got to see amazing talent in that mean time from an interesting guest and a prodigy beat boxer name MC Euclipse from Europe.

Sumup of the Event was.

Categories in which battle fought for :
1 vs 1 Breaking Battle
3 vs 3 Breaking Battle
2 vs 2 Popping Battle

Battle Registration Fee was : 
1 vs 1 Breaking – 150/-
3 vs 3 Breaking – 300/-
2 vs 2 Popping – 200/-

Winner Prizes for all battles
1 vs 1 breaking – 5k + Title + Voucher
3 vs 3 breaking – 6k + Title + Voucher 
2 vs 2 popping – 5k + Title + Voucher

Runner ups of all battles
1 vs 1 breaking – Title 
3 vs 3 breaking – Title
2 vs 2 popping – Title 

Apart of that above prizes and titles Adidas shoes given to winners and Momento was given to the Julias who was the art creator of start India.

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