Genre 3.0 – Your stage your style

Our 11 year old Youngest hustler of Dance Mafia Crew claims another Battle Title. B-Boy KidDeepak Genre 3.0 is third edition of this event. It started in 2017 form Delhi Universities.  “Genre – Your style your stage” is most popular  dance event in Delhi colleges and it used to be the stage competitions in Colleges. Genre 3.0 introduced first time with street styles battles. Genre is organised by Preeti khetan and Dance Fun academy and Hosted by Sagar Verma A.K.A B-Boy Makhan.

Event details

Genre 3.0 took place in 12th of October in Apsara Grand Banquet, Pachim Vihar. Events had lots of Dance Categories:
One vs one  Hip Hop
One vs one  Popping
One vs one  All Styles
7 TO SMOKE KIDS all style (under 16 age)

Each Category had 8000 of winning prize except Kids battle which had 5000 of wining Prize. There were two judges Bedroc  from Delhi and Popcorm from Jaipur whoc was main judge for Kids Battle.

What is Seven to smoke? and Rules?

Seven to smoke is very unique concept of face off Battling.  In Seven to smoke battle minimum 8 participants can Battle at one time. if there are more participants then have to go through a showcase qualification round, where judge can select 8 participants to battle. Seven to smoke battle  is played by Time limit duration. Mostly it has minimum of 15 to 30 min of time duration.  One participant will start the battle from one side of the battle arena and that will be the winner corner where he/she stands alone and face rest of the participants and 7 participants will stand in the opposite corner of battle arena. One round from participant each corners’s participants will give and judge will raise the hand to the winner of that round. Whoever looses go behind the queue and the winner will stand to winner corner and battle to the next participants. The battle does not stop before decided time duration unless one will reach to the 7 smokes. After time durations end if someone has the same no. of smokes they will battle in a tie breaker round. This is a non stop battle which makes this concept unique and so hard to conquer. It takes so much stamina, energy and most importantly good battle tactics.


Genre 3.0 Battle Flow

It was Deepak’s third time seven to smoke battle. So, he knows all the rules and regulations of battle. It was all style battle category so any Dancer from any Genre under 16 could participate. Total 10 Kids registered for battle. So, instead wasting time in showcase organizer made it a kids 9 to smoke all style battle. so all the kids could participate with 20 min of limit.

  1. All style Avni 8
  2. All style Tajasvi 10
  3. B-Boy Deepak 11
  4. B-Boy Shark 9
  5. All style Dev 10
  6. Locking Shubham 12
  7. Krump Mukesh 14
  8. All-Style Anir
  9. Kurm Miniboo 15
  10. All-Style Preesha 10

Deepak got 3rd no.  to battle. In his first round he had tie against  Tajasvi but after tie breaker he got his first smoke. Then Deepak had face off against his toughest competitor B-Boy Shark where he got his second smoke then Dev, Shubam and Mukesh. Deepak took straight 5 smokes in one row and lost from his 6th opponent.  After 20 min of continues throdwon from others. Deepak took the title with five smokes in 20 min of time duration. Where Krumper Miniboo became runner -up with 4 points. Another achievement By B-Boy Deepak representing Dance Mafia Crew to the fullest.

Dance Mafia Crew


Watch B-Boy Deepak full Throwdowns 


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