A Freestyle Breaking Performance at the Launch Event of BMW in Gurugram City, The theme was Hip Hop street styles performance. Where different Artists and athletes like Breaking/B-Boying, BMX Bikes, Howerboard and Freestyle Footballer Performed all together. Breakers and bikers were hired from Mumbai and freestyle footballers, howeboard artist were from Delhi to perform. It was one day Event and Venue was A-Dot hall Gurugram.

BMW 3rill City

It was very first time when Mumbai’s breaking crew and Delhi’s Breaking crew were performing together. Seven B-Boys from Freak N Stylez Crew was hired from Mumbai and seven form Delhi. Dance Mafia Crew and Projekt Street Dance Crew collaborated again along with Freak N Stylez Crew.


Battle Exhibition

It was Breaking crew battle concept. LED displays were full of Amazing graffities to make it look more street stylistic. we split into two teams.  Seven B-Boys in each team battling each other for ten minutes. Continues throwdown from both sides one by one. In between we threw Few commandos/routines too. Routine makes performance look systematically and understandably. In every crew battle there  always routines added in between Battle rounds. B-Boy Show-rez and B-Boy R. Stack from Dance Mafia Crew gave powermove rounds to #3RILL city. There were Other performers like BMX Riders, Freestyle Footballers, Hower board performers giving their performance surrounding us.  Your can watch full video below or on our Dance Mafia Crew Videos Page.

Conclusion : All together it was a fun performance done by 3 best breaking/b-boying crews of India. Crowed loved the crew members and dance performances by us.

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