International E. Battle on Instagram

In this Current situation of Lock down where everyone is avoiding travel where ever its possible. Many Hip-Hop Battles have been postponed or cancelled. Which is a big loss for breaking community. Without battles or Hip-Hop  events there is no motivation and passion to push the limits and train hard to get new skills. But when everything was closed, Instead of cancelling events it changed into E. battle and Instagram became the perfect Platform for that. An Instagram Page  INFINITE Moves – The Dance Lab organised International kids solo Dance Competition with the help of Leo Foundation Trust.

Event Details (Rules and Regulations) 2020

It was the first the time ever one B-Boy Deepak was participating in online Event. Many kids dancer participated from India and also from Kazakhstan, Japan and Russia, Peru and Ukraine.  It was All style dance competition so, one can pick any dance style they want. IN the first round Participants must send their videos before given date on Whats app. Video must not exceed 1 min of duration.  Freedom of Song selection was there. Top 20 selected participants videos was posted in Instagram channel of INFINITE Moves for next round. Events was Judged by Adarsh Mishra from Bhubaneswar, Odisha.  Winner will be taking 5ooo rupess of cash prize and runner-up will also win 3000 rupees as prize.


Round 1

B-Boy Deepak sent his Breaking video over whats app. Recorded in his room on breakbeat. B-Boy Deepak started his throwdown with basic groove and toprock getting the energy and went to powermove combo starts with windmill to flare, Airflare, 2000 spins, flares, head spins and Elbow tracks and ending it with few foorworks. Performing this big and hard combo was not easy and moreover when you have a limited space. But B-Boy Deepak did it so effortlessly. Through this video selection 22  participants got selected age between 5 to 15 in this lowdown solo kids Dance contest online 2020. B-Boy Deepak was selected and Asked to send one more video for next round.

B-Boy Deepak Full thorwdown First round 2020

Round 2

Many kids from other countries participated So, B-Boy Deepak has to give his best rounds to be in top 5. Rules were same as before one single throwdown without any editing, less than a minute of duration in any song. In this round B-Boy Deepak threw his concept based set where he keeps his one hand on his one side. Deepak started with a basic toprock doing some hand gestures starting powermove with Airflares to flares windmill with side hand variation and goes to head spin and tried head spin variation keeping his hand one side of the pocket and ending power combo with flare to 1990’s spin holding his right leg. It was not the best of B-Boy Deepa’s but in a limited space with not vibe around could be the finest of him.  In round 2 5 participants  supposed be selected but everyone was doing there best so, instead of 5, 6 participants got selected.

Watch out for B-Boy Deepak second round online 2020

Final round 3

Final round was online voting based round though Instagram stories . The more vote you get better chances you have to win. B-Boy Deepak went full hyped in this one doing some crazy stuff with hand and head. showing his craziness. This time has to go all out so, he decided to throw his very famous signature move throwdown. He started his powermove combo with Airflares going to flares where he holds his body in most difficult position for any other kid which is a planche position, then the signature move starts when he jumps over his legs being in this positing without touching his legs on the floor and takes a full UFO spin with leg open in split position. This is the most freshest power combo B-Boy Deepak has.

Throwdown for Final

B-Boy Deepak could not take the first place but manged to become the runner-up through online Insta stories voting. Where Aliya from Kazakhstan took the first title and Shriprasanna got second runner-up in this. Over all it was all good exchange with all the kids from different states and countries. B-Boy Deepak could not go out but still made some noise over Instagram dancing from his home.

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