Dance Mafia Crew Cypher Performance at Moto G4 Launch. This battle was just a show case to show them the newly launched Mobile by completing Cyphers. It is total 30 in Cypher by Dance Mafia Crew. We got this opportunity because we got highlighted as a good team. and this started dance mafia journey as a brand promoters.

Basically it was an only a performance showoff by Dance Mafia in order to promote Moto-G4. We did entertain the crowd and have them show them the Hip-Hop Culture, to begin with. After the Cypher completed we got praised by the crowd and also being called as a mafia of dance.

Cypher can be called a dance face-off in simple words. The rules of Cypher are quite rigid and important to make it happen. To know more about Cypher Bboying Click here.

At Launch Ceremony of Moto G4 New Hand Set Dance, Mafia Crew Member was hired for Breaking Performance for Never miss the move theme.

Dance Mafia Cypher Performance at Moto G4 launch

Dance Mafia Performance done by crew’s member  Bboy Daksh (Daksh), Bboy Twist-Monk (Ganesh) and  Bboy 3D (DDD) (Avinash). Event – Moto G4 new handset launch.Venue – The Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi.

In our performance at first Bboy Twist-Monk amazed the audience with his power moves like Windmill and Air Chop moves. Then just after him, BBoy 3D (DDD) showed off his freezes and footwork which we called down-rock in term of breaking a language. That wasn’t enough for us so our power moves specialist BBoy Daksh enters in the Cypher and took the over the battle field with his flare and windmill combo. After that many Top-rock, Down-rock and Power-moves we ended the Cypher with the Freeze.

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