Dance Mafia Crew B-Boy Show-Rez and B-Girl Sumku Traveled to Switzerland to compete and to sharpen their skills in Breaking Battles. It was a very first experience for both of them. It was a 15 days trip. where they attended two popular  Breaking Events known as Groove Session and DPC Jam. Groove session took place in 23rd November 2019 and DPC jam Took place in 30th November 2019. Apart from battle they explored Switzerland Breaking scene met some of most respected B-Boys and B-girls . They have taken Breaking Workshop and also got opportunity to share some of their knowledge in a Breaking studio.

A separate article has posted regarding the Workshop in our Dance Skool website.

Dance Mafia Crew   Dance Mafia Crew      

Groove Session 2019

Groove Session is one of most popular Event in Europe and is Held annually in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Groove Session is mainly popular for its unique concept of Breaking Battle where a young prodigy and an adult team up and battle. Groove session is three days festival. First two days lot of Graffiti exhibition and breaking battle exhibition take place and Breaking battles takes place at the final day.

Top 8 prodigies and 8 adult B-Boys or B-Girls get invitation and rest 8 pair spots get filled via open qualification. B-Boy Show-Rez and B-Girl Sumku participated and gave their solo rounds but unfortunately couldn’t clear it. It was very amazing experience for them as they were the only one from India to participate.


DPC Jam 2019

DPC jam is Switzerland another great event. DPC has 2 vs 2 kids under 16 and 2 vs 2 open age Battle. There is a open qualifier in Kids battle. In 2 vs 2 open age 8 pairs get invited from Different places for Top 16 and another 8 pairs qualify via open prelim  and  DPC has the one of the toughest line up. B-Boys and B-Girls from all over the world travel for this event.


They took also powermove workshop In DPC Jam from Japan’s most famous Barkers B-Boy Kaku from Mortal Combat Crew and his student B-Boy Tsukki from Amaze Crew.  It was great experience for them to learn powermove technique form one of the finest in the world. They learnt so many different techniques about Powermoves. In this workshop they learnt new techniques of mastering the Head Spins. How to  get more control in powermoves, how to do proper warm-up,  workout  and stretches. It was Great experience for them Japan is on the top of powermove category

They got to meet so many great artists from different countries. Travelling is learning and Show-rez and Sumku gained a lot of knowledge through their travelling.


B-Girl Sumku Full battle.

B-Girl Sumku Teamed up with B-Girl San die from Balboa Squad from Germany.

It was different experience for them to get down with partner from different country. They learnt a lot and represented Dance Mafia Crew to the fullest.


B-Boy Show-rez Full Battle DPC Jam

B-Boy Show-rez teamed up with B-Boy Marc from DPC Crew Switzerland.

You can watch a glimpse of their travel through a small Vlog. The vlog is about their first swiss journey.






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