Dance Mafia at Ambiance Mall

Dance Mafia Performance at Ambiance Mall Gurgoan. Shorez Karki also known as B-Boy Show-Rez got

Dance Mafia at Ambiance Mall

hired to perform a Flash Mob. The event was for the Indian Terrain in Amiance Mall Gurgaon the one of the biggest mall of Gurugram, Haryana. Flash mob dance is when someone dances in the middle of the crowd comes from nowhere and becomes the center of attention. Flash Mob usual done in a group of people without any special stages or announcement.


A new store was opening by Indian Terrain in Ambiance mall Gurugram. Event was about announcing the new store mall. Located in Ambiance Mall Gurgoan, Brand name India Terrain on 24 June 2017.

Highlights of Dance Mafia at Ambiance Mall Event

B-Boy Show-Rez had the first Performance of breaking. It starts from one of the main gates of the mall

Dance Mafia

where Indian terrain standee and artifacts have been put. Show-Rez Starts his performance with Side flip to take the attention of the crowd and show some Breaking Groove  and moves and then he goes down in Footwork’s, with a quick 15 sec of throw down show-Rez started to move and take the crowed along with him to the  main hall of the mall  to show the full performance and the entire event.

Dance Mafia at Ambiance Mall

Within a 2 min of walk through Show-Rez preforms few freezes and footwork’s in the middle to take the crowed with him from every corner. Then in the main hall where Indian Terrain Boarding, Music system have already been placed and Carpets for model walk. Show-Rez gives his full throw down. Where he starts with some ground power moves like windmills to flares to head spin to halo to elbow freeze. A full Power move combo with jaw-dropping moves. After Show-Rez Powerful performance crowed gets so hyped Models wearing Indian Terrain clothes started to walk on the carpet and shows the new collection of Indian terrain. After these activities all the hired model along with Show-Rez start a walk towards the store which is in second floor of the mall and take the crowed with them and open up the mall door for the customer for browsing.

Video of the Flash Mob Performed by Shorez A.K.A B-Boy Show-Rez at Ambiance Mall.

Dance Mafia has done many online commercial shoot for many big brands. The Oldest crew member Ganesh Tamang also known as B-Boy Twist-Monk also performed for Hero Motocorp.


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