B-Girl Sumku

I am B-Girl Sumku from Arunachal Pradesh. I started my Dancing career in New Delhi. I started from Latin Dance styles Salsa, Kizomba, Zouk, and Bachata and i am also a certified Zumba Instructor. I have professionally trained Latin styles for more than 4 years. I am born for dancing. I have been dancing whole my life. Since I started walking I am dancing.

One day I saw a B-Boy training in my salsa dance class where I found Breaking and fell in love with this style. I started to attend Hip-Hop Jams to know more about this and joined a professional Breaking class too. I have won some of the Major Breaking battles over the time specially B-Girl battle

I have been Breaking since 2015. I like to travel and attend major Breaking battles in the world. For that, I have traveled almost everywhere in India. Also, I have been to Russia, Switzerland, Hongkong, and Nepal for Breaking Battles.

I teach breaking to the kids and girls at Quest-The Hip-hop Skool since  2018.  Most of time females afraid to try these Breaking styles because it’s not that easy but I believe this dance styles made me more confident and strong mentally and physically. My motto is to encourage girls to learn Breaking, with its aim I have given free Breaking Workshop around Northeast India region and also conducted Free female workshops at Quest skool. I have also given a Breaking workshop in Switzerland with the help of B-Boy Show-rez

I have also done many stage shows of Breaking and also commercial Breaking video shoots and performances for Movie promotions.