B-Girl Sumku

I am B-Girl Sumku from Arunachal Pradesh. I started my Dancing career in New Delhi. I started from Latin Dance styles Salsa, Kizomba, Zouk, and Bachata and i am also a certified Zumba Instructor. I have professionally trained Latin styles for more than 4 years. I am born for dancing. I have been dancing whole my life. Since I started walking I am dancing.

One day I saw a B-Boy training in my salsa dance class where I found Breaking and fell in love with this style. I started to attend Hip-Hop Jams to know more about this and joined a professional Breaking class too. I have won some of the Major Breaking battles over the time special B-Girl editions

I have been Breaking since 2015. I like to travel and attend major Breaking battles in the world. For that, I have traveled almost everywhere in India. Also, I have been to Russia, Switzerland, Hongkong, and Nepal for Breaking Battles.


I teach breaking to the kids and girls at Quest-The Hip-hop Skool since  2018.  Most of times females afraid to try this Breaking styles because its not that easy but i believe this dance styles make me more confident and strong inside mentally and physically. My motto is to encourage girls to learn Breaking, for that have giveen free Breaking Workshop North east India region and also conducted Free female workshops at Quest skool. I have also given Breaking workshop in Switzerland with the help of B-Boy Show-rez

I have also done many stage shows of Breaking and also commercial Breaking video shoots and performances for Movie promotions.