B-Girl Sumku hailing from North East of India, Arunachal Pradesh is ready for her first debut at Red Bull BC One India Cypher 2022. Despite all the lockdown crises Red Bull is finally back in India. This time Red Bull BC one cyphers and workshops held in Four different Zones of India East, West, North and south to pick top 16 B-Boys and top 8 B-Girls for India finals of 2022.  Representing her Northeast flava Sumku took part in North zone of India which took place in Kolkata judged by B-Boy Cheno from 99 flava Crew, Thailand.

P.S = B-Boy Skim was replaced with B-Boy Cheno because of his health issues.

B-Girl Sumku  successfully reserved her spot in top 8 B-Girl of RBBC one India Cypher 2022 

The event held of two days 1st day of workshop by Cheno followed by the showcase rounds of participants.  Top 4 B-Girls and top 16 B-Boys were selected for the Battle round for the next day. On the basis of Points system top 2 B-Boys and only one B-Girl made it to the East Zone cypher where B-Girl Sumku took the Win. Sumku also known as Takam Yasum is the first female athlete from Arunachal Pradesh, Northeast of India who ever achieved this in Breaking.

Red Bull BC One India Finals 2022

Top 16 B-Boys and top 8 B-Girls will battle it out for the Indian RED BULL Breaking championship Title in June. One B-Girl & B-Boy winner  will be flying to the Birth place of Hip- hop New York City and  will compete at Red Bull BC One World Finals November 12, 2022. Watch out Red Bull Bc one for the latest updates.

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