Breaking Barriers and Boundaries: B-Girl Sumku’s Triumph at Red Bull BC One India Cypher 2022

In the heart of India’s northeastern region, Arunachal Pradesh, a remarkable talent was poised to make her debut on the grand stage of the Red Bull BC One India Cypher 2022. This incredible dancer, known as B-Girl Sumku, represented not only herself but also the rich cultural tapestry of the Northeast in the world of breakdancing.

The year 2022 presented its own set of challenges, especially with the persistent lockdowns and restrictions due to the ongoing global pandemic. However, despite these obstacles, the Indian breaking community had a reason to celebrate as Red Bull BC One made its much-anticipated return to the country.

This time around, Red Bull BC One brought a novel approach, organizing cyphers and workshops in four distinct zones across India: East, West, North, and South. The objective was clear—to identify and elevate the top 16 B-Boys and top 8 B-Girls who would ultimately compete in the India finals in 2022.

P.S = B-Boy Skim was replaced with B-Boy Cheno because of his health issues.

Sumku’s journey began in the North Zone cypher, held in the vibrant city of Kolkata. It was a gathering of some of the most exceptional breakdancers from the region, and the atmosphere was charged with talent and determination. A panel of esteemed judges, including B-Boy Cheno from the renowned 99 Flava Crew in Thailand, brought their wealth of experience and expertise to the event, ensuring that only the best would progress.

The path to the India Cypher was a challenging one, with lockdowns disrupting regular training sessions and event preparations. However, Sumku’s determination to showcase her skills remained unwavering, a testament to the resilience of breakdancers who overcame adversity to pursue their passion.

Sumku’s unique style and Northeastern cultural influences set her apart, making her a symbol of diversity within the Indian breaking community. Her journey echoes the broader narrative of Indian breakdancing—an evolving art form that is both deeply rooted in tradition and open to innovation.

As the countdown to the India finals of Red Bull BC One 2022 begins, all eyes are on B-Girl Sumku and her fellow competitors who have earned their spots in the competition through the grueling cyphers. They are not just vying for a title; they are representing the heart and soul of India’s breakdancing community. This year promises to be an extraordinary showcase of talent, culture, and the indomitable spirit of Indian B-Boys and B-Girls.

The two-day event was a whirlwind of excitement, with the first day dedicated to a workshop conducted by the esteemed B-Boy Cheno. The participants had the opportunity to learn from a master of the craft, enhancing their skills and gaining valuable insights. Following the workshop, it was time for the showcase rounds, where the participants exhibited their prowess, creativity, and individuality.

The judging panel faced the daunting task of selecting the top 4 B-Girls and top 16 B-Boys who would advance to the battle rounds on the following day. Their decisions were based on a precise points system that took into account various aspects of the dancers’ performances, from technical proficiency to artistic expression.


In a fierce and electrifying competition, the top 2 B-Boys and the single standout B-Girl secured their places in the East Zone cypher. Among them was none other than B-Girl Sumku. Her exceptional talent, honed through years of dedication and practice, had propelled her to this pivotal moment.

Sumku, also known as Takam Yasum, etched her name in the annals of breaking history as the first female athlete from Arunachal Pradesh and the Northeast of India to achieve this remarkable feat. Her journey is a testament to the power of passion, persistence, and breaking barriers in a male-dominated art form.

B-Girl Sumku  successfully reserved her spot in top 8 B-Girl of RBBC one India Cypher 2022 

With her victory in the East Zone cypher, Sumku has earned her place among the top 8 B-Girls who will compete in the Red Bull BC One India Finals 2022. This is not just a competition—it’s a celebration of Sumku’s exceptional talent and the collective talent of India’s breaking community.

Looking ahead, the Indian breaking scene is gearing up for the India Finals, where the top 16 B-Boys and top 8 B-Girls will battle for the coveted title of the Indian Red Bull Breaking Champion. The stakes are high, and the competition promises to be fierce.



Red Bull BC One India Finals 2022

The journey doesn’t end there. The ultimate prize for the B-Girl and B-Boy winners is a ticket to the birthplace of hip-hop, New York City, where they will represent India at the Red Bull BC One World Finals on November 12, 2022. It’s a dream come true for any breakdancer, and it signifies the global recognition and respect that Indian breakers have earned over the years.

As we eagerly await the India Finals and the journey that lies ahead for B-Girl Sumku and her fellow competitors, one thing is certain: the breaking community in India is stronger than ever. With its rich diversity, unwavering passion, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of the art form, Indian breakdancing is ready to shine on the world stage.

Stay tuned for the latest updates and follow the inspiring journey of B-Girl Sumku and her peers as they take on the Red Bull BC One India Finals 2022. It’s a story of talent, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of artistic excellence in the face of adversity.

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