B-Girl Sumku and B-Boy Deepak

This article is all about the stars of Dance Mafia Crew “B-Girl Sumku And B-Boy Deepak” Who won the Who’s the king battle in Chennai 2019.

That event was organized by B-Boy Nash from Third Eye Crew, Chennai. This Jam Held On 16th and 17th February at Decathlon Mogappair, Chennai.

The Event was well organized, Though the venue was a bit far away from the city area. But it was very good and it had all the facilities that a breakers/b-boys needs during the Competition/Event. The Judges were International, B-Boy Wing Zero and B-Boy Issie from Japan was Representing Foundation Crew. It was a Two day event.

First day was a breaking workshop from Bboy Wing zero and Bboy Issie followed by breaking prelims in second day. This was one of the purest Breaking Event that happened in Chennai.

It had Seven Categories of Breaking.

  • Kids Battle
  • B-Girl Battle
  • Power Moves Battle
  • Toprock Battle
  • Footwork Battle
  • Crew vs Crew
  • Solo Battle

Breakers came from all over India to participate and other normal public to witness the real Hip-Hop Culture. In other words you can say that the biggest event held in Chennai for a culture.

B-Girl Sumku and B-Boy Deepak battle highlights.

B-Girls Battle of B-Girl SumkuB-Girl Sumku and B-Boy Deepak

There were only seven B-girls for the B-girls battle category. They came from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Bihar, Dehradhun and Coimbatore. So the first round was a showcase round from which the judges were to select four B-girls for semi final. In which B-girl Sumku, B-girl Shivani, B-girl Kavi and B-girl MGK have gotten selected.

The first Semi final battle was between B-girl Shivani from Delhi representing Dance Mafia Crew and Quest The Hip Hop Skool and B-Girl Sumku From Arunachal Pradesh representing Dance Mafia Crew and Quest The Hip Hop Skool. However both b-girls were representing the same dance institute and dance crew. In which B-girl Sumku made it to the finale.

After that the finale battle of B-girl Sumku was with B-girl MGK from Mumbai representing Planet Breakers crew. It was a two round battle. Where Both of the B-girls Gave their Best. B-girl Sumku was declared as the winner for Who’s the king B-Girls Battle Category, and above all the became the queen of Breaking/B-Girling 2019, Chennai.

Kids Battle of B-Boy DeepakB-Girl Sumku and B-Boy Deepak

In Kids B-Boying Battle total of 12 B-boys participated. B-boy Deepak was representing Dance Mafia Crew and Quest-The Hip hop Skool from Delhi.

His first Breaking Battle round was against B-boy Kishor from Chennai, for the top 8 (quarter finale). It was a quick victory for him. After that His Semi Finale round was against B-Boy Zuzu from Chennai which was a very important battle because he has beaten a very fine B-boy of Chennai.

At last his finale battle was with B-Boy Vijay Deep from Dehradhun. After that immense battle he gone through all this obstacle in front of him.

Bboy Deepak was crowned as the winner of Who’s the king Kids Battle in other words he became the King of Breaking/B-Boying 2019, Chennai. It is very Proud Moment for Dance Mafia Crew and Quest-The Hip Hop Skool as B-girl Sumku and B-boy Deepak won their very First Title and represented hard in Chennai. In addition they has also received a good prize from judges.

Photo Gallery and Video links of B-Girl Sumku and B-Boy Deepak Battles

B-Girl Sumku vs B-girl MGK

B-Boy Deepak vs B-Boy Vijay Deep

In Conclusion that was a battle that cannot be forgotten in the existence of many breaking battle of Dance Mafia Crew with others.

Travel More, Experience More and keep Breaking. Spread Love, Peace and Unity.

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