B-Girl Shivani

My Name is Shivani Negi and I go with my original name on stage as Bgirl Shivani. I believe one day I will get success in my dancing career and my parents can call me more proudly with the name they have given me. Also, SHIVANI is a Sanskrit origin which means life and death.

Breaking is not the first style I did. I use to do many different dance styles and waacking used to be my main and strongest style I was in a college dance society. Where we were taught different dance forms. I participated in many college fests and I was the only girl who was strong enough to do some of the breaking moves, as compared to other girls in the group. From there I got the interest to know more about Breaking. I started Breaking after my first international trip to Korea in 2017 for the “Keep on Dancing” Event where I went as a coordinator. I saw many Professionals B-Boy and -Girls there and got so much inspired I also had cypher session with Korean breakers there and got appreciation from them, this motivated me to be a B-GIRL. When I went back to India, I started to look for professional Breaking classes and found Quest- The hip Hop skool where I trained under B-Boy Jin and B-Girl Sumku. I worked hard and within a year achieved a very good level in a very short time.

I have done many stage shows with my College Group, apart from that My biggest achievement in breaking so far was when I got selected for RED BULL BC ONE B-Girl Battle India cypher in 2018. It was held in Mumbai, it was one hell of an experience for me. Apart from that, I have traveled to many Breaking events in India.

I have trained under Dance Mafia Crew. They all are my mentors. B-Girl Sumku whom I look at as my Inspiration invited me to join Dance Mafia Crew-street professionals in 2018. Which gave me a better vision and aim to be B-Girl and physical and mental support which really helped me to grow in my Breaking career.