B-Boy Frequency

My Name is Shriyansh I also go with my Artist Name B-Boy Frequency. I believe the “Where there’s music that will be my stage” stage is somewhere I can express what I’m feeling.

I’ve started to learn dancing in 2017 in my college. I have learned many Dance styles with the College dance society like Popping, Krump, house, locking, afro dance, and some Bollywood Chirographies and I have performed more than 400 stage shows with the college crew. I was part of a college Dance society named CRUNK DANCE CREW and became vice president in my second year and we competed in several national-level competitions and won over 100+ of them in my two years of journey with the society.

Then in 2019, I found Breaking which becomes my main style. Breaking is something that connects me with music more than any other dance style.

I was invited to join Dance Mafia Crew in January 2020 because Dance Mafia Crew is the most active crew in New Delhi Breaking scene. I was learning from them which have created a special bounding with Dance Mafia’s Members it was the turning point of my Dancing career as a B-Boy.