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UP 32 Battle Ground 2017, (UP stands for Uttar Pradesh) was held in 19th December 2017. The Jam was organised by Kishna Kholi. The Motto of the jam was to uplift the dance scene in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. UP 32 Battle Ground is one of the biggest breaking/b-boying Jam held in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh so far.

The UP 32 BATTLE GROUND Jam had Four categories :-

  • BREAKING 1 ON 1 BATTLE and the Judged of that battle was B-Boy FLYING MACHINE from Mumbai.
  • POPPING 1 ON 1 BATTLE and the Judged of that battle was HE-MAN from Delhi.
  • KRUMP 1 ON 1 BATTLE and the Judged of that battle was SHUBHANKAR GAWADE from Mumbai.
  • ALL STYLES 1 ON 1 BATTLE and the Judged of that battle was He-man & Flying Machine.
  • DeeJay (D.J) of the Jam was VALENTINE GOMES from KOLKATA and Emcee (MC) of the jam was SHUSHANTO from DELHI.

Jam had huge winning prices also. It was 10,000 INR in each Category, Title and in addition of Zebronics Boombox.

UP 32 Battle Ground jam was sponsored by Zebronics as their Audio partner, Pioneer Alliance News as their Online Partner, Amity International School Lucknow as their Venue Partner and Their Main Sponsor was Bikanerwala.

B-Boy Showrez - UP 32 Battle Ground 2017 - Dance Mafia CrewSummery of B-Boy Showrez and B-Girl Sumku Battle at UP 32 Battle Ground 2017

B-Boy Show-Rez and B-Girl Sumku from dance mafia crew Got down in Breaking/B-boying solo category. Breaking category started at the last in evening. There were more than 20 participants in Breaking itself. Everyone had to give 30 to 40 second of showcase round in front of judges. After that they started showcases round and on basis of points top 8 B-Boys and B-girls got selected in which Show-Rez and Sumku made it to be in top 8 List of Breakers/B-Boys or B-Girls.


B-Girl Sumku had to battle with B-Boy YD fro Lucknow. It was round of face off battle and B-Girl Sumku takes this round and reached to the semi finals of the battle in semi-final Sumku battled with B-Boy VY from Lucknow it was also the one round of battle where unfortunately B-Girl Sumku lost.

B-Boy Show-rez RoundsB-boy Shorez UP 32 Battle Ground 2017

B-Boy Show-rez had first battle in top 8 with B-Boy Aman in one round face off battle B-Boy show-rez took the round and went to the semi-final. In semi-finals B-Boy Show-rez went against B-Boy Kirshna with one round of throw-down each where B-Boy Show-rez won and in conclusion reached to the final round of battle.

In final battle there were three B-Boys so it was three way battle round and each B-Boy had to give only one throw-down because lack of time. Then after the throw-downs from each B-Boys, Judge of the jam B-Boy Flying Machine had to decide the winner and Flying Machine raised his hand towards B-Boy Show-rez. It was the very first title for B-Boy Show-rez in Breaking solo Category.


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