B-Boy Sage

I am Ganesh Tamang. I am from Nepal but  born and raised in India, New Delhi. My artist’s Name is B-Boy Sage, which represents my Dancing style. I like to be calm on the floor, but at the same time, I am hustling inside and creating and making moves and loops in my mind. I am more in footwork and floor rock.

I started Dancing in my school days with my classmates in 2011. We did not have any guidance; we just watched videos and try to mimic those moves. 2012 we attended few jams and gave our team a Name Called ‘Dance Mafia Crew. So, we were few members who decided this name, but most of them quite Breaking, but I could not leave it and made it this far with this Dance Style.

I have also done stage shows with DMC and a solo Breaking video shoot for Hero Maestro and many more Breaking shows I have done so far.

Bboy Twist Monk Dance Mafia Crew

Apart from Dancing, I am a professional Graphic designer and video maker. All of the graphics you will see on Dance Mafia crew social sites and the videos on Dance Mafia Crew Youtube channel are done by me. Check out my Instagram page Twistinsight for my latest work.