B-Boy Electro

My Name is Avinash also known as my stage name B-Boy Electro. And I love speed, I was 15 when I used to watch a CAPETA speed racing anime and I follow that anime character, the character is about speed, plays, and acts faster. My breaking style is all about speed. I am more into footwork/down rocks. Making quick and fast moves is all about my character. I’m a freestyle B-Boy. I use small patches during my freestyle and let it go with the music.

My elder brother who is also a professional dancer showed me a video of Red Bull BC One 2005 trailer, I watched that video, that was the first time I saw moves like V KICK, Jackhammer, and many more crazy moves, and my love for breaking started. I started learning under my brother’s guidance and letter I found more breakers in the locality.

In my breaking career, I have worked with many big brands like SAMSUNG, GSHOK, GIONEE, RED BULL, and so on. I have traveled in many different states of India for Breaking events and won many solo breaking battles. A few of the prestigious events I have won and judged are

Green vision Block hours 2017                                     

SLAP Street Cypher 2017

Soul Connection 2017 (Footwork battle)

Fundraiser jam 2018 Mumbai (Footwork battle)

100% Hip Hop 201

Project Street Art 2018

Judged IIT Delhi Rendezvous 2019

Judged Most wanted 2020 Breaking Battle

Judged It’s Lit Breaking Battle 2020

I have known Dance Mafia Crew for many years and have been working with these guys since then. We grew together like a family and officially I have got invited to join DMC on 15th January 2021.