B-Boy Demon

My Name is Deepu better known as my B-Boy Name “Demon” my name was given by my friends who found my character like a “Demon” my Breaking movements were hyped and fearless.

I have always loved athletics and used to be very active kid since my childhood. Before I got into Breaking, I had no idea about B-Boying and even didn’t know this dance form existed. I use to go to the park to play cricket and one day I saw few breakers for the very first time in 2008. I met those guys and found out more about breaking. The movement looked very creative Hard and fascinating. I started learning with them and since then I have been breaking.


I have rare skin called “Vitiligo” which used to make center of attraction all the time, which made me very uncomfortable with those staring eyes but when I got into Breaking it gave me self-confidence and made me stronger.


I always dreamt of Battling in the biggest Breaking battles for that I trained every day. One of my biggest achievement was when I made my first debut at Red Bull BC one India Cypher in 2017 where I reached to the Quarter finals. It motivated me enough to work harder. I have travelled to many states in India and won many national levels Breaking Battles.

Central India cypher 2018                                         

Breezer Vived Shuffle Delhi 2018                                                        

Hope in hip hop 2019 Delhi

Red Bull BC One Delhi Qualifier 2017-19

Throwdown Jam 2019

Fund raise jam Mumbai 2019

EPC Jam, Nepal, Runner up 2019

Flying machine anniversary Jam Runner up Mumbai 2019

Apart from Dancing, I have also done video shoots with Punjabi Rapper Prabh Deep and also love Modelling. I have been featured in SSS Magazine, H&M, NorBlack NorWhite, Motherland, Asort and Six5Six as a Vitiligo Model

I got to know about Dance Mafia Crew Street Professionals in 2015, We have worked together many times and DMC was the closest crew I know with whom I trained the most. I believed in Unity and Teamwork which I found in Dance Mafia Crew. In January 2021 I decided to join DMC  and since then we been working as a family.