B-Boy Deepak

My name is Deepak and my stage name is also B-Boy Deepak. I have been dancing since 2017. When I was 8 my father enrolled me in Karate class. Where I also learned handstand and a few acrobatic moves. I was a quick learner and was very flexible.

As I was very active, I used to train a few of the dance moves even in karate class. Seeing my interest in dance My father enrolled me in a dance class. My father found B-Boy R. Stack training in the park where he used to train and teach early morning. My father asked him to train me with him, since then I have been learning under B-boy R. stack.


I have learned a lot within a few months and started to attend battles. In winter 2017 I got my first invitation from Mumbai city “war exhibition battle” in Freak N Stylez anniversary jam. Where I got so much recognition. After that, I traveled to Bangalore for the biggest breaking battle Freeze jam and reached the semi-finals.

I traveled to Russian in 2018 for ComboNation jam in Breaking battle under 10 age categories. So far for me representing myself in Russia is a great achievement! I have also won the Chennai kids Breaking championship 2019. I am still learning under my crew I want to learn and achieve more in the future.

I became part of Dance Mafia Crew in 2017 because of my coach B-Boy R. Stack who was already part of Dance Mafia Crew. I joined this crew (DMC street professionals) and since then I have been training, battling, and traveling with them.