About Us

Welcome to The Dance Mafia Crew

Dance Mafia Crew is one of the best Breaking/B-Boying Crew in India. Dance Mafia also being called DMC in short. We have presence all over the internet and Social Media platforms.

Dance Mafia Crew has successfully done many events and performances all over India. DMC also take projects outside India. Our moto is to make people aware about HIP-HOP culture. DMC promote Hip-Hop and breaking/B-Boying.

Many people misguide other regarding term Break-dance. Initially its original name is breaking and due to spoken as ease people started calling it break-dance which is not a right term. Breaking is first and most powerful element of HIP-HOP Culture. Breaking/B-Boying/B-Girling is very popular now a days in India, which is also a very naive term for a unknown person.

Dance Mafia Crew and their member took pledge that they will fix this error. DMC and also other breaking crews in India already start doing it. They are keep calling it breaking in their every event and performance. DMC also guide newcomers to learn Hip-Hop not only for dance we also teach them Beat-boxing which is a fifth element of Hip-Hop.

Dance Mafia The Best Breaking Crew in India is the one and only crew who teach and promote HIP-HOP. All the members of DMC are bound to do so.

Its a very good news that Breaking has been introduced in youth Olympic and dance mafia crew is also qualified for that. It wasn’t an easy task for us but due to whole team hard-work we wee able to attain hat place in this world. We hope we will do our best to win this battle for INDIA.

Team Member of The Best Breaking/B-Boying Crew of India – Dance Mafia Crew

  • B-Boy Shorez (Founder of DMC)
  • B-Boy Deepak (Young talent of DMC)
  • B-Girl Yasum (Co-Founder of DMC)
  • B-Boy Kanak (Power Moves Specialist of DMC)
  • B-Girl Shivani (Stylish and Choreographer of DMC)